Where do my donations go?

If you are a uHelp user, your donations will go to the fund assigned by your local municipality or county council.

Are you a municipality and you would like to join? And also raise money for your local fund? 

Please write to info@uHelp.shop to earn a donation for your local fund.

Here are the 25 most recent donations:

Many Thanks,

The uHelp Team


Fondo di Mutuo Soccorso del Comune di Milano

IBAN: IT58G0306901783100000000551

Causale: Donazioni uHelp

Info: Sito


Fondo di Solidarietà Alimentare

IBAN: IT69L0200801033000104431330

Causale: Donazioni uHelp

Info: Sito


Fondazione Provinciale della Comunità Comasca

IBAN: IT96U0843010900000000260290

Causale: Fondo Rotary Club Como per iniziative di solidarietà (uHelp)

Info: Sito

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