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Rules of use of the uHelp.shop platform and general conditions

Dear User, before proceeding with the registration and using the functions of the www.uHelp.shop platform, we invite you to carefully read the terms and conditions contained in these Regulations. The completion of the registration procedure on the Platform determines the acceptance of the Regulation and its communication in digital format only. These Regulations can be printed or saved on other durable and accessible media, but may be subject to subsequent modifications – which will be promptly communicated via email to all registered users.

Platform functionality

The platform offers the service of compilation, transmission and payment of orders for basic necessities, for all those who are unable to do so directly in a shop.

  • The “User” places an order on uHelp.shop for himself or a relative or a friend, or a receiver (the latter is explicitly referred as “Beneficiary”);
  • uHelp.shop makes this order available to third parties (“Volunteers”) – registered to the uHelp.shop community as individuals or local shops – a proposal for an assignment concerning the purchase, preparation and home delivery of the User (or Beneficiary) of the products purchased.

The delivery is voluntary – i.e. uHelp does not charge any commission to its users, but requires a small Voluntary contribution donation (up tobetween € 1.50 and € 5.00) which is donated to a non profit organization the mutual aid funds, indicated by the sponsoring municipalities.

The conclusion of the contract concerning: (i) the purchase of the Products included in the cart within the limits indicated in the article art. 4.4 below; (ii) the transmission service to an autonomously organized external subject (the “Volunteer”), part of the uHelp.shop community, of an assignment proposal concerning the preparation and delivery to the User’s home (Applicant or Beneficiary) of the Products purchased through the Platform (“Purchase”) takes place through the completion of the following phases: 1. compilation of the Order on the Platform by the User (article 4); 2. transmission of the Purchase Order to uHelp.shop; 3. acceptance of the Order by the Volunteer.

The contract between the User and the Volunteer concerning the Purchase (“Purchase Agreement”) is concluded with the communication of the acceptance of the Purchase Order by the User in the delivery phase.

Furthermore, the User’s registration on the Platform will allow the latter to use all the services made available by uHelp.shop, also through the Platform, relating to the selection, purchase and home delivery of products, as well as the related goods and services (by way of example and not limited to, the transmission by the Association of communications and announcements necessary for the User to be informed about discounts, promotions, offers, the availability of new stores, promotions for details products, information about new products available and related promotions – an integral part of the uHelp.shop service) with the aim of providing the User with an increasingly favorable use and in line with their interests of the services offered through the Platform.


Without prejudice to any further or different definition contained in these Regulations, the terms and expressions marked with capital initials will have the same meaning above and below attributed to them, it being understood that the terms defined in the plural are also defined in the singular and vice versa :

  • Cart: page of the Platform which summarizes the Products to Purchase as entered by the User;
  • Preparation and Delivery: the activity of purchasing the Products at the local shop and / or delivery to the User’s home carried out by autonomous volunteers or those assigned by the shop itself;
  • Purchase Contract: the contract between the User and the Volunteer concerning the purchase of products in the shop, according to the order created electronically through the Platform;
  • Preparation and / or Delivery Contract: the contract between uHelp.shop and the Volunteer concerning the Preparation and / or Delivery of the shopping to the User’s home;
  • Agreements: both the Purchase Agreement and the Preparation and Delivery Agreement;
  • Order: the order concerning the purchase of products, according to the order created electronically through the Platform and the service of informing the Volunteer of a proposal for an Assignment concerning the purchase in the shop, the preparation and / or delivery of the shopping to the User’s home (or to a third party Beneficiary indicated by him when ordering);
  • Assignment: the assignment for the purchase, preparation and / or delivery of products to the User’s home (or to a third party Beneficiary indicated by him at the time of the order) provided to the Volunteer by the User through the platform uHelp.shop;
  • Volunteer: the person who takes charge of the User’s order, prepares and delivers the Products covered by the Order to the address indicated by the User; Volunteer  can be a private individual or a shop with free home delivery;
  • E-Mail Address: the e-mail address indicated by the User when registering on the Platform;
  • Parties: the Association and the Users of the platform (Users and Volunteers);
  • Products: the products as entered by the User that form the subject of the Purchase Order;
  • Regulation or Terms & Conditions: these regulations for the use of the Platform;
  • Association or uHelp: uHelp Non-profit association – Tax Code 95135930139 – Como (CO);
  • Platform: the domain of the Association www.uHelp.shop (and all the sub-domains under the “uHelp.shop” brand), the uHelp.shop website and mobile applications (available for iOS and Android) in which Users can register to use the features made available;
  • User: each natural person that is registered on the Platform in order to use the related features and services.

Registration on the Platform

In order to access and use the features of the Platform, the User is required to complete the registration procedure. Registration is allowed only to Users who have reached the age of majority. The User agrees to make only one registration on the Platform.

To register, it is necessary to perform the login operation (i.e. the insertion of at least a telephone number, an email address and a password) through the internal identification service of the Platform or through another service made available by third parties and connected to the Platform (e.g. social networks like Facebook and / or Google). At the time of registration, the User must declare to expressly accept these Regulations, to have reached the age of majority, to have read the privacy information provided and express their consent to the collection, processing (also by means of profiling) and to the transfer (also to third parties) of personal data, as well as consent to the transfer of the same data to the Volunteers.

The User, upon registration, is required to provide the Association with truthful, updated and complete data and information.

During registration, the User will receive a code through his mobile number and / or e-mail address through which the user can validate his identity and proceed with the registration and activation of his personal profile.

The User can ask at any time for any information relating to his profile, including blocking and / or deleting his profile, by sending a communication to the Association at the following email address privacy@uHelp.shop. The User may exercise their rights pursuant to articles 15-22 EU Regulation n.2016 / 679 and contact the Association’s DPO at the same address. Finally, the User can modify and / or revoke the consent to the processing of their personal data expressed during registration on the Platform, either by contacting the DPO of the Association at the same address.

The Association can suspend or prohibit the User, at any time, the right to access the functionality of the Platform or to modify the conditions under which this right is allowed. The possibility for the Association to act for compensation for damages suffered as a result of prejudicial conduct carried out by the User is reserved.

Every user registered to the platform accepts to adopt all necessary precautions and to comply with local and national laws to meet all health and safety requirements.

Creating orders

To make the Purchase Order and the Delivery Order, the User is required to:

connect to the Platform;

enter the address of the home to which to make the delivery;

insert the Products to be purchased in the Order in a simple and textual way;

enter any additional data (such as any special instructions that the User intends to specify to the Volunteer and maximum maximum budget);

confirm (confirmation determines the simultaneous generation of the Purchase Order).

Transmission of orders

Following the confirmation of the Orders by the User, the Platform will publish the Purchase Order on uHelp.shop, so that volunteers or neighborhood shops can take charge of it.

The User, as the only client subject to the Volunteer, avails himself of the provision of the same with reference to the activity of purchase, preparation and delivery of home shopping.

Volunteers are autonomous subjects or local shops, without any subordination constraint towards uHelp.shop and they choose independently whether to take charge of the Assignments sent to them by the platform.

Acceptance and execution of orders

Following the transmission of the Orders by the Platform, uHelp.shop will notify the User of the receipt of the Purchase Order.

Upon acceptance of the Purchase Order, uHelp.shop will endeavor to provide the same to all Volunteers who registered in order to purchase the Products at the shop of their choice.

Upon acceptance of the Purchase Order, provided by uHelp.shop, the Volunteer will purchase the Products and deliver them to the User’s home (as indicated at the time of the order itself).

The payment for the full amount of the Purchase Order will be made by the Volunteer in the shop. This amount will be promptly refunded via the platform, to the Volunteer upon successful delivery, as confirmed by the User himself.

Any disputes relating to the execution of the Purchase Order must be directed to uHelp.shop.

User rights

The User has the right to request the cancellation of his / her profile from the Platform at any time, without any penalty and without specifying the reason.

For the purpose of the valid and effective exercise of the right of cancellation, the User is required to send a written communication by e-mail to the e-mail address privacy@uHelp.shop.

Payment to the Volunteer and a donation to the local fund, takes place only after confirmed delivery. In addition, the Applicant has 10 minutes to contest the receipt amount for the order by the Volunteer, in whole or in part – if the products are not the requested ones or the final amount does not correspond to the actual shop receipt put in the shopping envelope by the volunteer.

Frequently Asked Questions

The FAQs on the website www.uhelp.shop/faq.html show in greater detail the entire process available on the Platform and for this they are intended to be an integral part of this Regulation.

Final provisions

These Regulations and subsequent amendments and additions apply and exclusively regulate the relationship between the Association and the User. It is subject, exclusively, to Italian law.

Any changes or exceptions to the Regulation are valid only as published on the Platform and accepted by the User.

The nullity, even if occurred, of one or more clauses of the Regulation does not affect the validity of the remaining, nor the validity of the other relationships established between the Parties.

Last modified: 1 July 2020

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